Companies of the USSV

The USSV employed partly state-owned companies for its production of arms and armor. These companies, while technically independent and able to sell to any non-embargoed nation, are not multi-national and are required by the USSV to have their HQ based in Versailles. These companies have competed with each other for contract bids, however the USSV’s slightly irregular structure of it’s armed forces mean that even bid losers can still acquire limited contracts with certain units or commanders within the armed forces who wish to supplement their units with unique vehicles or equipment. For example, During the USSV Heavy Tank Trial 364AS-10B of the post-insurgency period the PT-X10H was purchased in small quantities by the USSV Panthers for use as long-range snipers before the widespread emergence of the M-25/130 or M-30 dedicated sniper-tanks. Some of the more notable companies include:

Quetzalworks (Q)- A weapons company specializing in both small and high-caliber arms and missile systems. Quetzalworks and its various divisions are responsible for the design and manufacture of the weapons platforms in use by the other companies and exporting arms to allies.
Turrex (TU)- Turrex is a manufacturer of multiple types of equipment- from missile systems to tanks, although its primary contributions have usually been in the area of aviation. Turrex mainly constructs components and occasionally full-fledged aircraft, usually bombers and larger vehicles however they have largely been supplanted by EZ in that regard. Turrex also is responsible for much of the blue water naval production alongside Quetzalworks.
Edwin & Zachary (EZ)- One of the largest companies within the USSV’s military industrial complex. EZ has always been a producer of armored vehicles however during the insurgency period they began constructing Ekranoplans and some aircraft. EZ’s designs generally are sleek, though this has not always been the case. In the past EZ designed many of the Unification War vehicles though eventually lost a series of contracts in sequence to Myachev before winning a number of contracts during the UESV split.
Pierre Chatallione (PT)- Pierre Chatallione is primarilly a tank manufacturer, and one of the largest in the USSV. Pierre Chatallione has been present since the beginning of the USSV’s history alongside EZ and Victorov and was a major manufacturer during the USSV’s Unification Wars. Pierre Chatallione generally is regarded as an extremely proficient manufacturer whose products generally are more expensive but far more advanced than their competitors in the USSV. Pierre Chatallione is generally the most conventional of the USSV’s tank manufacturers in recent years. PT also manufactured many vehicles during the USSV’s second unification war including the famous PT-59-AK which is largely credited with turning the tide of the USSV’s ground campaign alongside the EZ4 Hispano-Suez Fighter.
Lencia Armamentística (LA)- A relatively new company, LA is responsible for advanced fighter development. Lencia Armamentística’s conception was originally an attempt by the USSV to split up Edwin & Zachary into two separate companies to spur competition. LA’s first designs came to become the EZ-LA 30 Skarabyeĭ, a massive fighter/interceptor designed to hold some of the largest of Quetzalwork’s air-to-air missiles en-masse and destroy entire formations of bombers before they could reach their targets.
Myachev (M)- One of the interwar tank designers that was split off of Pierre Chatallione in order to spur competition. Myachev is a unorthodox tank manufacturer that develops light, medium, and heavy/sniper tanks for the USSV. Many of the M-series designs are designed to be extremely zippy, quick, and have larger-than-average caliber guns. Armor is generally not emphasised in Myachev designs however with the recent M3 and M-30 designs armor has been upgraded significantly and reactive plates make penetrating most of the M-series a difficult proposition for RPGL’s. Myachev has experienced some difficulty in recent years because of the increase of tanks in use by Pierre Chatallione.
Victorov (V)- One of the oldest corporations within the USSV, Victorov was a manufacturer of wooden and mixed material aircraft during the first unification war. Their most famed designs were the V6 Pixy Fighter and the eventual V-29 Victory Bomber. Eventually Victorov was relegated to design work and now has an extremely limited staff who works solely on design and conceptual aircraft. Victorov has found a niche exploiting the fame of it’s earlier designs by re-releasing modern civilian versions for aspiring collectors and pilots.

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Favorite ice cream flavor?

Ooooh Black Raspberry or blue raspberry or— no actually i lied. Cherry.  definitely cherry.

Any sports/activities?

PFFFT. uuuuh. Are video games an activity? Do E-sports count? hahaha. I didnt do many sports, i didn’t play anything outside of gym class. I liked soccer but never joined a team or anything.
If we’re counting activities as ‘video games’ I play Star Trek Online, SWTOR, World of Tanks, among a few others. Obviously World of Tanks is the E-Sports variety. I love that game in bursts.

Any pets, and if so, what are they and what are their names?

Yes! My cute little pooch Winnie :D! image

Best friend?

Oh gosh. Yeaaaaaaah i dont even know… I guess my longest friends would be Hollie ( thepaperpigeon ) and Miranda ( mirzers ) though i think ‘best’ friend is something i’m unclear on whether i’ve pinned down yet.

Do you need glasses/contacts?

Not really. I have mild vision problems at distance but that’s with sharpness- not actual ‘i cant see what that blob is’. I do wear brainy specs purely for fashion’s sake though.

Favorite video game, and fave scene from said game (if it has cutscenes)? (if you’re not a gamer, movie?)

Ooohf… hmmm… Prolly the end of Red Dead Redemption- it was intensely powerful and im glad i played that game all the way through. Also the Rannoch mission in Mass Effect 3 where you fight the final boss gives me chills every single time i go back and play/watch it. Neither are like my ‘favorite’ games but they’re games i adore and love. My ‘favorite’ game is prolly Unreal Tournament, that game was so ridiculously moddable that i played it for literal years and didnt get tired of it.

Best AU you’ve seen?

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh… Fan made ones? Dont follow them. I like the mythos that Star Trek Online created by continuing onward from TNG/Voyager (i always thought the book storylines clashed with each other so much they were worthless in my opinion.) and they’ve done a great job at intertwining episodes from different series together like the Solanagen Lifeforms and the Elachi.

Best childhood memory?

A few good ones are going to see Pokemon Live with my siblings- that was pretty ridiculous- and more recent memories like playing through all of Peace Walker with my little brother on our PSP’s late into the night was awesome.

What’s the best candy to you?

Hmmm i guess i like almost anything that’s vanilla- or cherry. Those are pretty much my two fav’ flavors.

How do you feel about bugs and spiders?

They definitely make me uncomfortable- both spiders and bugs, but i can appreciate them from an educational point of view? Just dont get near me and we’ll be cool B)

If you could live in a fictional universe, which one would that be?

Oooooh (i replaced the question btw) Proooolly…. Star Trek. Bad things tend not to happen in great frequency on Earth (Breen invasion and certain terrorist acts but the Federation has it’s shit together) and everyone is free to contribute to the human condition with their needs provided for them and they have a military and government that’s (mostly) decent sooooo… Definately Star Trek. Though Star Wars would me much more interesting objectively, so many bad things happen in star wars i wouldn’t want to be just some random citizen in that universe.

New Questions:

- If you could live in a fictional universe, which one would that be?

- All time favorite character?

- Who was your first fictional character crush? Who was your last/current one?

- What are you most excited for at the moment?

- What is your favorite type of dessert?

- If you could travel anywhere right now for free, where would you go and why?

- What’s your zombie plan?

- Is there something that can cheer you up no matter how upset you might be?

- What would your lame superpower be?

- Now, what would your actually useful superpower be?

- What’s your favorite movie, ever, of all time?

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